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RANDY CORNMAN: New paradigm needed for school security

on December 18, 2012 11:00 AM

In light of the tragedy that occurred in that Connecticut elementary school I urge everyone to read "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs" from a book written by retired Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

I have felt for some time that (un)common sense requires a new paradigm in school security. I would hate to be a legislator, school board president or member, principal or teacher and have to admit that a deadly force gained access to my school and there was no deadly resistance available to immediately meet it.

The relaxed state of security in our schools is negligence. Better security should start at the grassroots.

A state policeman recently told me: "We cannot get to you in time to prevent something bad from happening; there are not enough of us and we are too spread out."

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that IRMC has more security staff than IASD. The TV shows us how many law enforcement people arrive on scene after the fact. Where are these agents before and during these events? Why aren't they at the schools? They're nothing but an unnecessary expense after the fact.

There isn't a high percentage of wolves in our population, but it only takes one to kill the sheep when there's no sheepdog on duty. School security is not expensive considering the priceless commodity it protects. With the many frivolous items in education budgets, we can't make room for adequate security? I'd like to see fences, locked doors and metal detectors, at a minimum. An armed guard or staff would be acceptable to me.

I feel school staff should be permitted or required, with proper training, to participate in armed school security. I'll bet there are employees, and students and parents, of that Connecticut school who wish that there had been adequate security there. I think students might even function better knowing their situation is secure at school. The wolves need to be taught that, if they invade the fold, the sheepdogs are ready.

But there won't be more sheepdogs as a result of the recent tragic shootings in our country. There will only be the sheep baa-ing and baa-ing for more gun control.

And the worst wolves of all, the government wolves in sheep's clothing, will be all too willing to oblige. Every fascist knows: Gun control is citizen control!

Randy Cornman


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