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RANDY CORNMAN: U.S. being scammed on gun control issue

on May 08, 2013 10:40 AM

I dislike the proposed Manchin-Toomey “gun safety” legislation because our leaders in Washington are scamming the American people in order to get their legislation passed. When they say their proposal will control Internet gun sales and close the “gun show loophole,” they are taking advantage of many uninformed citizens.

It is currently illegal and just about impossible to buy a gun over the Net without a background check. The gun must be shipped to a federally licensed local dealer, who will perform the background check before the buyer can complete the purchase.

I am unsure what the “gun show loophole” really is. Any FFL dealer who buys a gun must have it logged into his inventory, and he certainly is not going to sell it without the necessary background check, whether it’s at his store or at a gun show. I have seen buyers lined up at licensed dealers with cell phones who are calling in background checks from the gun show.

When Obama has cleaned up his hometown of Chicago, which has the strictest gun laws and the most crime of any major city, then I might be just slightly inclined to hear what he and Manchin-Toomey have to say. What is now proposed is mostly designed to get more votes.

One syndicated editor opined in the Gazette that Americans want all kinds of government legislation, but they don’t want legislation concerning a part of our society that has the potentially most deadly outcome: gun ownership.

He should know that potentially deadly outcome is exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they inserted Article II into our Bill of Rights. As far as 90 percent of Pennsylvanians wanting more unconstitutional gun control, I don’t believe it.

Now a writer says the Founding Fathers wanted a “uniformed” militia.

I have never read where they mentioned uniforms on the militia; they did not want a large standing military that could be used against the people. Again, a progressive abuse of license to the detriment of our rights.

Why didn’t the Indiana School District emulate the decisiveness of Butler School District in implementing security measures? Too many districts have to overanalyze it until they outsmart themselves. It’s really a manifestation of their anti-gun bias. Just think how different things would be at the Sandy Hook School if that wonderful, brave lady principal could have had access to a gun.

Randy Cornman


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