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RITA FEFOLT: Watering down the truth

on May 05, 2013 2:50 AM

I love words. One of my simple pleasures is solving the daily crossword puzzle in the Gazette.

Recently it seemed that even the authors of the crossword puzzle are watering down truth. The clue was “preachy,” the answer “didactic.” The meaning of “didactic” in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is “perceptive,” giving precepts of moral conduct, as the preceptive parts of the Scripture.

Is this the reason why most of our pulpits are not proclaiming the Word of God, which is didactic, i.e.: “Thus saith the Lord …” “Thou shalt not …” “Thou shalt … .” Are they afraid of being called “preachy”?

The Authorized Version of the Bible is rejected by most churches as the plumb line of truth. Antinomianism reigns, both inside and outside the church, thus chaos is rampant, both inside and outside the church.

Rita Fefolt


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