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ROB STOERKEL: Don't be a hypocrite on issue of guns

on May 05, 2013 3:00 AM

I don’t want to harm, shoot or kill anyone. I only wish to be able to protect myself and others should someone wish to harm me or my loved ones. I am privileged to live in a country that has the Bill of Rights that provides me with that opportunity.

Previously and most recently, there are individuals who disagree with me pertaining to gun rights. Again, the Bill of Rights allows this discussion via the freedom of speech. And thankfully, the U.S. Constitution provides the means and methods to have this discussion and change the “rules” should the majority of the populace and the elected Congress make that decision. Again, a U.S. constitutional amendment or states rights issue.

I also understand that there are those who are against the ability of the populace to arm themselves against others or their government. I understand their convictions.

What I don’t understand is how a president (past/present) and the Congress (past/present/Democrat/ Republican) can promote gun control and background checks on American citizens, while at the same time providing arms, weapons, technology to kill, training to kill and billions of American tax-payer dollars to a foreign country so that they can kill their populace. I also don’t understand why we as Americans continue to provide these weapons to countries that eventually use them to kill Americans.

Therefore, I am calling out to those who wish to limit the proliferation of weapons within America to contact your U.S. representative and to speak out against this current government’s inclination to provide Syrian rebels (who will have no background checks or limitations on who they kill) with weapons that they would otherwise prohibit or limit their fellow law-abiding citizens to own to protect themselves and their children.

So, in essence, I am just asking you to follow your convictions. Should you not wish Americans to have, should the need arise, to fight against their established government, then surely you are also against Syrian “rebels” using weapons provided by America to fight against their established government. So, call your representative to stop providing assistance to these “rebels.”

Because if you don’t, you are just a hypocrite. And then the industrial war complex just marches on, providing weapons to kill whomever (in whatever massive number) our government wishes.

Rob Stoerkel


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