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ROB STOERKEL: Why do their rules only apply to us?

on July 21, 2013 2:40 AM

Growing up, I was taught by my parents, my Catholic school and my teachers that obeying the laws was essential for maintaining the freedoms established by our 1776 forefathers.

But recently, it seems that it’s only “us” who are required to adhere to any laws. Why is it that governmental entities and our elected representatives do not follow those laws they have established for “us”?


1. The current president (semi-dictator) has decided upon his own that the Affordable Care Act will not be enforced for companies beginning in 2014. It is not his choice, as this is a law enacted by Congress.

2. That Congress, as opposed to calling this “decision” unconstitutional and illegal, is proposing a bill to allow individual mandates not to be enforced beginning in 2014.

3. The Pentagon has agreed to purchase helicopters from a Russian company that is supplying weapons to the Syrian regime, but stated that since they are using 2012 budget money, they are “allowed” to spend taxpayers’ money on these helicopters. If they have money from 2012, why is that not returned to the treasury? That amount should be deducted from future budgets.

4. The IRS illegally targets nonprofit organizations. The NSA spies on us. The Justice Department is corrupt. The Supreme Court is a farce. The State Department is a puppet.

5. Egypt’s “government” was overthrown in a “coup d’etat” and, like it or not, this is a military takeover. Thus, by law, their aid must be stopped. But our “leaders” now call it something else.

6. The death penalty is a law in Pennsylvania. But nobody is actually put to death. Why are Travaglia and Lesko still alive, while their victims are dead and their victims’ families members die every year.?

So, the question is: Why should “we” (and I no longer think we should) follow or obey any laws that these entities and representatives have enacted? Well, there are two options:

Option 1: Ignore all and every law and do whatever you want as long as you are not infringing on another person’s rights or harming them.

Option 2: I was going to state that change must come from elections. But since those odds are against us, the incumbents have the money, any election result depends upon who has the best computer hackers and my dog voted twice last year, I have to go back to Option 1.

Rob Stoerkel


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