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ROBERT R. YOUNG: Culpability for losses suffered in Iraq war

on March 10, 2013 1:30 AM

A recent report to Congress by Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, concluded that the U.S. has spent too much money in Iraq for too few results.

Lest we forget how the Bush administration sold the invasion of Iraq to the American people and the U.N., here are a few reminders:

  • We were going to be considered liberators.
  • There was evidence of WMDs.
  • Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11.
  • Iraq was rife with the al-Qaida element.
  • Movable labs of chemical and biological weapons were observed.
  • Aluminum tubes were imported for the nuclear program.

In his State of the Union speech, Bush claimed Iraq had obtained "yellow cake" (an essential ingredient for nuclear development).

The administration recruited Colin Powell, an enormously respected general and secretary of state, to present to the U.N. reasons to invade Iraq.

It was a presentation he later publicly recanted as being a disgrace to himself and the country.

As we all know now, they were all lies perpetrated on the world. Bush's budgets passed without including Iraq and Afghanistan!

The point of this letter is to ask: How does a democracy like America not seek a level of responsibility or culpability for the killing of 5,000 troops, 30,000 injured, and 100,000 civilian deaths?

In a revisionist way to look at Iraq, there is a major consideration.

If Saddam still reigned, would he allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons?

Robert R. Young


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