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ROBERT S. COLGAN: Standing firm against same-sex marriage

on April 26, 2013 10:40 AM

I guess I as well as other Christians are a bit confused by the recent letter submitted by Luke Piper.

A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ and is to be Christ-like. Perhaps Mr. Piper’s Bible is missing a page or two or maybe mine is missing the pages where Christ condones same-sex marriage. In Matthew, Chapter 19, Jesus is very clear on marriage. Case closed.

As for the 50 percent divorce rate, that seems simple enough, too. When society glamorizes the lifestyles of celebrities, athletes, politicians and others through every media available, and, when you can get a divorce for $175, there is your 50 percent.

As for Piper’s studies in biology, surely he must’ve figured out that the homosexuals cannot survive without heterosexuals? If heterosexuals decide not to reproduce, then all society is gone.

Mr. Westover is absolutely correct on Bob Casey caving in on this topic. If you voted for him, perhaps you should be concerned what else he’ll change his mind on. Obama caved the same way Casey did. Biden hasn’t caved; he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about most of the time anyway.

Standing firm for your values and not giving in to political pressure or to be accepted is far more respectful than giving in like Obama and Casey did.

Being a Christian means following Christ without swaying to society’s temptations and pressures. None of us can do that without error, but that doesn’t mean giving in.

Because I don’t support same-sex marriage does not make me or others hate-mongers of gays either. I don’t believe in bullying gays or running them out of town either. Gays have rights to live without being brutalized, just like any other human being.

I have to ask this to those that believe in evolution. Since there are those that believe that humans evolved from apes, should you be permitted in marrying a monkey? Where do we draw the line?

This argument will go on, and, sadly, eventually enough more people will cave in to pressure rather than maintaining their values. I won’t. I admire Mr. Westover, and Mr. Micco, for having the guts to maintain their values unlike the spineless two called Obama and Casey.

Robert S. Colgan


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