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SARAH PEACOCK: Giving victims a say ensures justice for all

on December 16, 2012 2:15 AM

Mr. Rob Stoerkel should be the person ashamed in this situation. Though classes on civics will provide a wealth of information on the justice system, one truly cannot appreciate every aspect of it until you have been a part of it.

As a former victim/witness advocate on both state and county levels and probation officer, I have had the pleasure of working for and with Judge Bianco and DA Patrick Dougherty.

I have seen firsthand the dedication and compassion shown to victims and feel confident that the families' wishes were upheld, along with the law, in this matter.

Perhaps Mr. Stoerkel attended civics class prior to 1995 when the victims' rights legislation was implemented and Pennsylvania's Office of the Victim Advocate was created.

It serves a very important purpose: to give victims a say in the outcome of the defendant's charges.

Lewis Beatty will serve the rest of his natural life in a state prison, where he will not be able to hurt anyone else. Had this case gone to trial, the family of Christine, Sara and Amanda would have been subjected to their losses again, this time under a magnifying glass of painful crime scene testimonies and photographs.

If this is something they did not want to go through, then it can be concluded that the court and district attorney acted in a compassionate manner by upholding their wishes, which is a victim's right by law.

May Mr. Stoerkel never suffer a loss like this to such tragic circumstances and be made to feel that he failed his family in getting justice for them.

God bless Christine, Amanda and Sara Beatty and their families.

Sarah Peacock


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