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THE REV. RICK HURLEY: Graystone asks for continued prayers

on September 20, 2013 11:00 AM

As reported earlier this week, Graystone Presbyterian Church voted to “seek dismissal from the Presbyterian Church (USA).” First, I would like to thank all of the area churches and individuals who have been praying for us. We are grateful for your concern and prayers. Continue to pray for us as we move forward. I am also grateful for the Graystone members who voted.

This has been an internal matter that has consumed a lot of our time and effort. Graystoners took this vote seriously. They searched the Scriptures, prayed, participated in open meetings, wrote their thoughts and listened for God’s leading. It has forced all of us to go deeper and to define the core of our faith.

In the end members voted according to their convictions and their conscience. While this has not been easy, it has been clarifying. Now we can move forward in our life and ministry together.

As healing and reconciliation take place internally, we are looking forward to refocusing on our mission. We love this community. Graystone has a long legacy of Christ-centered community service and global mission.

Along with offering traditional and contemporary worship services, we will continue to provide relevant children’s, youth and campus ministry. Summer’s Best Two Weeks will be as strong, and crazy, and life-shaping as ever. We will continue to serve with area agencies, provide GriefShare to those affected by loss and continue our global partnerships.

During this process we worked hand-in-hand with our presbytery to make this as gracious as possible, and I thank all those involved. Once again, thanks to all those who prayed. Continue to pray for us as we face the next phase of our life and ministry.


The Rev. Rick Hurley

pastor, Graystone Presbyterian Church

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