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VERA MOCK: Does Obama measure up in trying times?

on August 11, 2013 2:00 AM

I am responding to Jeffrey Fulmer’s letter dated July 24 in regard to letters I have been sending to the Gazette with doubt that President Obama is a Christian. I am aware God is the only one to judge and he does so by the condition of our heart as to whether we have asked forgiveness for our sins and accepted him as our savior.

As for the president, I have been pondering on what a committed Christian life should be according to the Bible. My thoughts are they should be born again through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God is placed in their hearts.

They should not be found guilty of telling lies, misleading people by making promises with no intention of keeping them. They are mediators in times of disagreements and peacekeepers in times of unrest. They do not promote racial divide. Does that sound like President Obama’s qualities that have been demonstrated through these trying times?

Our country is in financial and spiritual trouble and lost for answers. The president does not have an answer to what went wrong because he is the answer. What does he have to hide that the American people should know about or would it be frightening to know?

God assures his people that he is in control and we can cope with prayer. America needs a wake-up call. At this point, only God can restore our country, and we should take time to think and pray about it.

Vera Mock

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