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VERA MOCK: Importance of personal relationship with God

on April 28, 2013 4:00 AM

I have been pondering on the subject of the people in our country, those who have rejected God and those who have accepted him but have turned away.

America is financially and spiritually in trouble, and Satan will use these circumstances for our country to fall. God cannot and will not pretend sin and violence do not exist, and he will make no excuses for us.

We have conformed to the world’s “anything goes” mentality and the way we look at God, be it positive or negative. We need to put aside religions, as it matters not what church we attend. What matters is a personal relationship with God. His word is the basis for making decisions and resolving conflicts.

The present administration is not who we can believe in, as demonstrated by four years of deception, misrepresentation and lies. We are witnessing families in crises.

Unbelievers are offended when God is honored, and Christians are offended when God’s name is removed and mocked. America must wake up because the time will come when knees will bow and people confess he is Lord. If we walk with him on earth, we will walk with him in heaven.

It is hard to understand, with the turmoil our world is in, why people would not turn to God, who gives us true peace. I choose God, and I pray others will, too.

Vera Mock


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