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WILLIAM W. WILSON: Don't hinder efforts to protect Pa. wildlife

on June 13, 2013 11:00 AM

The Pennsylvania Game and Fish commissions were established to protect all game and nongame species of wildlife in the state. That also includes protecting the habitat that these species require to survive.

As we are rapidly reducing habitat to benefit our own needs, many species are becoming threatened and endangered. Some politicians feel we don’t have the room in the state to help these species.

Thirteen Republican state legislators have introduced a bill they call the Endangered Species Coordination Act. It would forbid the Game and Fish commissions to declare any flora or fauna as endangered or threatened. It would take away the power of these agencies to try to give these species a chance to re-establish themselves.

Industries, specifically timbering and mining, aren’t willing to work with the Game and Fish commissions to give these species a chance so they cry to politicians that claim to be conservative, but the word conservative has no place in what these 13 politicians are trying to do.

These industries are a necessity to the nation and the world, but they should also be obligated to work with these two state agencies as history has shown these same industries have badly damaged the state in the past and scars are still prevalent today.

We are just one of the many species that share this state, but the threat to and elimination of many has been and is being caused by us. Either directly or indirectly.

Many people probably agree with these industries and politicians that our greed is more important than smaller mammals, birds, fish, etc. If this bill is passed, no one else is going to fight for them.

One-sided politicians aren’t needed in this state, Republican or Democrat. There is a reason for every living thing, even the disease-carrying tick and mosquito. Perhaps our turn is coming.

William W. Wilson

Homer City

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