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Commentary: No Memorial Day for inner-city dead Commentary: No Memorial Day for inner-city dead
6 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
“Black lives matter!” was the chant heard at recent demonstrations in cities and towns from Ferguson, Mo., to Baltimore. Yes, they do matter, but apparently not so much to some other blacks. [Read More]
Commentary: Will robots put you out of work? Commentary: Will robots put you out of work?
6 weeks ago - - JAY AMBROSE
Imagine one day you’re poking along down the highway, a gargantuan vehicle behind you honks, galumphs past you in another lane and unsettles you by its size and proximity to the point of road rage — except for one thing. [Read More]
Commentary: Contain and amplify Commentary: Contain and amplify
6 weeks ago - - THOMAS FRIEDMAN
The Arab world is a pluralistic region that lacks pluralism — the ability to manage and embrace differences peacefully. [Read More]
Commentary: The big meh Commentary: The big meh
6 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Everyone knows that we live in an era of incredibly rapid technological change, which is changing everything. But what if what everyone knows is wrong? [Read More]
Commentary: Hillary's leftward advance man Commentary: Hillary's leftward advance man
6 weeks ago - - BYRON YORK
Is Bernie Sanders pulling Hillary Clinton to the left? No, for the same reason a canoe doesn’t pull an aircraft carrier. [Read More]
Red-Blue America: Are journalists revealing bias?
6 weeks ago -
Guest writer Julie Ponzi and Red-Blue America regular Joel Mathis debate whether George Stephanopoulos' admission that he had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation is proof of a media bias. [Read More]
Commentary: Obama's hot-air commencement talk Commentary: Obama's hot-air commencement talk
6 weeks ago -
I didn’t attend my commencement ceremony at American University in Washington, D.C. I chose instead to receive my degree in the mail. I didn’t want to listen to a boring speaker drone on in Washington’s notorious summer heat. [Read More]
Commentary: Driving Uber mad Commentary: Driving Uber mad
6 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
On a reporting expedition to Los Angeles recently, I realized I could stop renting cars. I would never again have to brave the L.A. freeway behind the wheel. I had Uber. [Read More]
OPEN TO DEBATE: Amtrak privatization
6 weeks ago -
Would privatizing Amtrak improve safety on its passenger lines? [Read More]
Commentary: Trade and trust
6 weeks ago -
One of the Obama administration’s underrated virtues is its intellectual honesty. Yes, Republicans see deception and sinister ulterior motives everywhere, but they’re just projecting. The truth is that, in the policy areas I follow, this White House has been remarkably clear and straightforward [Read More]
Commentary: The sound, fury of 'Deflategate'
6 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
The bombast and grandiosity of NFL football have always put me off. [Read More]
Commentary: Learning from mistakes Commentary: Learning from mistakes
6 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
If you could go back to 1889 and strangle Adolf Hitler in his crib, would you do it? At one level, the answer is obvious. Of course, you should. [Read More]
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