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Commentary: Staying blind to crisis at sea Commentary: Staying blind to crisis at sea
11 weeks ago - - NICHOLAS KRISTOF
One of the world’s most beautiful regions, the seas of Southeast Asia — home to sparkling white beaches and $7,000-a-night beach villas — is becoming a scene of a mass atrocity. [Read More]
Commentary: Americans still value train travel
12 weeks ago -
I grew up watching trains crossing tracks less than a mile from my home in Alabama, counting cars while patiently waiting for the caboose to end the parade. [Read More]
Commentary: The center-right moment Commentary: The center-right moment
12 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
The most surprising event of this political era is what hasn’t happened. The world has not turned left. [Read More]
Commentary: Free expression meets bigotry Commentary: Free expression meets bigotry
12 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
It’s still a radical document, the U.S. Constitution, no part of it more so than the First Amendment. Almost everybody’s for freedom of speech — particularly for themselves and people who agree with them. [Read More]
Commentary: Moore's Law turns 50 Commentary: Moore's Law turns 50
12 weeks ago - - THOMAS FRIEDMAN
SAN FRANCISCO — On April 19, 1965, just over 50 years ago, Gordon Moore, then the head of research for Fairchild Semiconductor and later one of the co-founders of Intel, was asked by Electronics Magazine to submit an article predicting what was going to happen to integrated circuits in 2025. [Read More]
Commentary: An insider's advice on immigration Commentary: An insider's advice on immigration
12 weeks ago - - MARTIN SCHRAM
On the screen, one of the Republican Party’s savviest strategists, Kevin Madden, is telling it like it is on immigration reform. [Read More]
Commentary: Graduating toward nation rich with opportunity
12 weeks ago -
The path to high school graduation is complicated for millions of young people, particularly those living in poverty, with disabilities or trapped in dropout factory schools. [Read More]
Commentary: Britain's 'miraculous' elections Commentary: Britain's 'miraculous' elections
12 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
BELFAST, Northern Ireland — “Shocked,” “surprised,” “stunned” were some of the words used by broadcasters, columnists, political “experts” and pollsters when a Conservative Party victory was forecast by exit polls on election night. [Read More]
Commentary: Get used to crazy-big GOP field Commentary: Get used to crazy-big GOP field
12 weeks ago - - BYRON YORK
“As long as you’ve got enough money for gas, you can stay in the race,” says one veteran Iowa Republican operative of the sprawling 2016 presidential field. [Read More]
Commentary: Wall Street vampires Commentary: Wall Street vampires
12 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Last year the vampires of finance bought themselves a Congress. I know it’s not nice to call them that, but I have my reasons. [Read More]
Commentary: A right to depict Muhammad? Commentary: A right to depict Muhammad?
12 weeks ago - - JOHN CRISP
I’m thinking of inviting Pam Geller over to my house on July 4th to burn an American flag in the backyard. [Read More]
Open to debate: Supreme Court considers ACA
12 weeks ago -
Would a Supreme Court ruling against subsidizing state insurance exchanges collapse the Affordable Care Act? Commentators Dean Baker and Gracie-Marie Turner offer differing views. [Read More]
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