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Commentary: Advice to graduates -- Don't follow your dreams Commentary: Advice to graduates -- Don't follow your dreams
2 weeks ago -
In countless commencement speeches at high schools and colleges in the coming weeks, graduates will be advised to chase their dreams, pursue their passions and settle for nothing less. That is terrible advice. [Read More]
Commentary: GOP contest ends quietly Commentary: GOP contest ends quietly
2 weeks ago -
And so it ends for the GOP — in Indiana, the heartland, and in May. Not in a brokered national convention. Not with much drama as it turned out. [Read More]
Commentary: Making history with Hillary Commentary: Making history with Hillary
Hillary Clinton should play the “woman card.” In spades. Clinton has never been a natural politician. She’s not in her husband’s class as a campaigner, or Barack Obama’s, for that matter. [Read More]
Commentary: Truth and Trumpism Commentary: Truth and Trumpism
2 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
How will the news media handle the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? I suspect I know the answer — and it’s going to be deeply frustrating. But maybe, just maybe, flagging some common journalistic sins in advance can limit the damage. [Read More]
Commentary: India’s drought Commentary: India’s drought
2 weeks ago -
Some 330 million people — about one quarter of India’s population — are reeling from a drought that has turned vast areas of the subcontinent into a dust bowl, withering crops and forcing farmers from their lands. [Read More]
Commentary: What will Trump get away with? Commentary: What will Trump get away with?
2 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
For argument’s sake, let’s say you ran into this Trump character in a bar. First off, he’s boasting about how incredibly smart, rich and good-looking he is. He’s a big, big winner. He’s even got his own TV show, and you don’t. [Read More]
Commentary: Clinton's imagination problem Commentary: Clinton's imagination problem
2 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
In March Hillary Clinton told a CNN interviewer, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” That was a true but dumb thing to say in advance of the West Virginia primary. So this week Clinton went on an apology and listening tour through Appalachia. [Read More]
Commentary: The Trump disaster Commentary: The Trump disaster
2 weeks ago - - JAY AMBROSE
The GOP presidential primary campaign in Indiana was winding down. Donald Trump was significantly ahead in the polls and had nothing much to worry about. [Read More]
Commentary: Summoning all mothers Commentary: Summoning all mothers
3 weeks ago -
As a justice on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, I can state with certainty that no cases have affected me more than those involving the sexual abuse of children. [Read More]
Commentary: Socialism's false promise Commentary: Socialism's false promise
3 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
Given its track record, one wonders why socialism is gaining in popularity in the U.S. and what appeal it has to a generation that, apparently, knows little about it. [Read More]
Commentary: Caitlyn Jenner's calling Commentary: Caitlyn Jenner's calling
3 weeks ago - - NICHOLAS KRISTOF
When Caitlyn Jenner was first emerging from the shell of gold medalist Bruce Jenner, Americans were riveted, voyeuristic — and surprisingly accepting. [Read More]
Commentary: How Grand Old Party got Trumped Commentary: How Grand Old Party got Trumped
3 weeks ago - - MARTIN SCHRAM
One of the great puzzlements of modern presidential politics will forever be that it took the Republican Party’s elites three-quarters of a year to wise up to the fact that Donald Trump was stealing their party right out from under their upturned noses. [Read More]
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