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Commentary: Cheap money talks Commentary: Cheap money talks
2 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
What with everything else going on, from Trump to Brexit to the horror in Dallas, it’s hard to focus on developments in financial markets — especially because we’re not facing any immediate crisis. But extraordinary things have been happening lately, especially in bond markets. [Read More]
Red-Blue America: Does email scandal disqualify Clinton? Red-Blue America: Does email scandal disqualify Clinton?
2 weeks ago - - BEN BOYCHUK & JOEL MATHIS
Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk, the Red-Blue America columnists, debate whether the email scandal means Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president. [Read More]
Commentary: The Clinton contamination Commentary: The Clinton contamination
2 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
It says a lot about our relationship with Hillary Clinton that she seems well on her way to becoming Madam President because she’s not getting indicted. [Read More]
Commentary: Why Obama can't leave Afghanistan Commentary: Why Obama can't leave Afghanistan
2 weeks ago -
For centuries, from the reign of Alexander the Great and Mongol invasions to the Soviet takeover and post-9/11, war has been a way of life in Afghanistan. [Read More]
Commentary: If nothing else, Comey exposed Clinton incompetence Commentary: If nothing else, Comey exposed Clinton incompetence
3 weeks ago - - CHRISTINE FLOWERS
Some people seem to think that I actually matter. They message me in response to a particular column with either angry criticism or “atta girl!” euphoria, assuming that whatever I’ve written will have some impact on other readers. [Read More]
Commentary: The nominee's enablers Commentary: The nominee's enablers
3 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
A couple of weeks ago Paul D. Ryan, the speaker of the House, sort of laid out both a health care plan and a tax plan. [Read More]
Commentary: The Trump Brexit Effect Commentary: The Trump Brexit Effect
The United States and Great Britain are suffering through an upsurge of hateful slights and slurs aimed at “others” — people with dark skin or foreign accents or strange clothes. And there is a clear cause behind the episodes in both countries. [Read More]
Commentary: Hillary unchained? Commentary: Hillary unchained?
3 weeks ago - - JAY AMBROSE
Maybe Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have to worry about prison, but she surer than anything should not be an unchecked president of the United States. [Read More]
Commentary: Wiesel, survivor and historian Commentary: Wiesel, survivor and historian
3 weeks ago -
It was a harrowing tragedy that words can’t even begin to describe. Yet through Elie Wiesel’s writing and advocacy, generations of readers and historians have a better — though still incomplete — understanding of the Holocaust. [Read More]
Commentary: Turkey’s tactics Commentary: Turkey’s tactics
3 weeks ago -
Turkey’s plan to grant citizenship to Syrian refugees could hurt ties with the European Union that is struggling to keep its flock together after Britain’s exit from the bloc last week. [Read More]
Commentary: Hillary abides another 'scandal' Commentary: Hillary abides another 'scandal'
3 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
You read it here first: “Fearless prediction,” this column began on April 9, “No legalistic deus ex machina will descend to save the nation from the dread specter of President Hillary Rodham Clinton ... no Kenneth Starr-style ‘independent’ prosecutor, ... [Read More]
Commentary: The power of altruism Commentary: The power of altruism
3 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Western society is built on the assumption that people are fundamentally selfish. Machiavelli and Hobbes gave us influential philosophies built on human selfishness. Sigmund Freud gave us a psychology of selfishness. [Read More]
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