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Commentary: Hobby Lobby case about freedom Commentary: Hobby Lobby case about freedom
3 weeks ago - - CHRISTINE FLOWERS
Throughout history, people have fought the good fight to preserve those things of value and fundamental importance that define the essence of being human. Our Founding Fathers raged against the tyranny of their colonial overlords. [Read More]
RED-BLUE AMERICA: Should gun policy halt nominee?
3 weeks ago - - BEN BOYCHUK & JOEL MATHIS
The Indiana Gazette continues a weekly editorial page face-off, by opposing writers on a topic of interest. Today, Ben Boychuck and Joel Mathis debate whether firearms are a health issue. [Read More]
Commentary: Parallel parking in the Arctic Circle
3 weeks ago - - THOMAS FRIEDMAN
Aboard the USS New Mexico in the Arctic — I never thought I’d ever get to see what the Arctic ice cap looks like from the bottom up. It’s quite stunning — blocks of blue ice tumbling around in a frigid sea amid giant, jagged ice stalactites. [Read More]
Commentary: Senior Officers Protective Association
“The Army has disgraced us all with the Sinclair sentence.” That’s what our friend, a retired general, wrote about the case of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, who was accused of serious sexual misconduct with three women under his command. [Read More]
Commentary: Bill Clinton does freedom a favor
4 weeks ago - - JAY AMBROSE
Bill Clinton to the rescue? You bet. [Read More]
Commentary: America's taxation tradition Commentary: America's taxation tradition
4 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
As inequality has become an increasingly prominent issue in American discourse, there has been furious pushback from the right. [Read More]
4 weeks ago -
Excerpts from recent editorials in U.S. newspapers. [Read More]
Commentary: Dynasties aren't best for democracy
4 weeks ago -
A few years ago, I found myself sitting on an airplane next to a gentleman from Egypt. Talk quickly turned to the upheaval in his country, where the so-called Arab Spring was in full bloom. [Read More]
Commentary: This Noah saved 6,000 wild animals
4 weeks ago - - LLEWELLYN KING
In the Bible, it was Noah who stuffed the animals into the ark, two by two. Now there is Russell Crowe, whose movie “Noah” was just released, and whose animals are almost the backstory compared to Noah’s family disputes. [Read More]
Commentary: Behind American oligarchy
4 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Let’s put it this way: If the Koch Brothers were Russians, we’d call them oligarchs: grasping barbarians exercising crude political power. [Read More]
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