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Commentary: Delusions of chaos Commentary: Delusions of chaos
4 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Last year there were 352 murders in New York City. This was a bit higher than the number in 2014, but far below the 2,245 murders that took place in 1990, the city’s worst year. [Read More]
Commentary: A 'Come to Trump' moment Commentary: A 'Come to Trump' moment
4 weeks ago - - BYRON YORK
CLEVELAND — There’s always been a disconnect between what pundits and political insiders hear when Donald Trump speaks and what rank-and-file Republicans hear. [Read More]
Commentary: Is Trump a racist? Commentary: Is Trump a racist?
4 weeks ago - - NICHOLAS KRISTOF
Has the party of Lincoln just nominated a racist to be president? We shouldn’t toss around such accusations lightly, so I’ve looked back over more than 40 years of Donald Trump’s career to see what the record says. [Read More]
Commentary: Trump's acceptance speech Commentary: Trump's acceptance speech
4 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was too long — 75 minutes — and too loud. Modulation is the key to good public speaking. One’s voice should rise and fall like the tide, which allows really important points to be made whether the volume is low or high. [Read More]
Commentary: Donald Trump's disturbia Commentary: Donald Trump's disturbia
5 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
CLEVELAND — Like any masterly comic book villain, Donald Trump is reveling in conjuring a dystopia. And it’s a natural progression, given that he got this far by reveling in conjuring a diss-topia. [Read More]
Red-Blue America: Why are Republicans so angry? Red-Blue America: Why are Republicans so angry?
5 weeks ago - - BEN BOYCHUK & JOEL MATHIS
Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk, the Red-Blue America columnists, debate why Republicans seemed so angry at their convention last week. [Read More]
Commentary: Off to a good start Commentary: Off to a good start
5 weeks ago -
In any job, first impressions are important. It is always possible to recover from a difficult debut; but it is more forgivable to mess up in the future if the initial outing has been a success. [Read More]
Commentary: I'm a conservative, and GOP convention was a horror Commentary: I'm a conservative, and GOP convention was a horror
5 weeks ago - - CHRISTINE FLOWERS
As Heidi Cruz left Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena after her husband, Ted, gave his stemwinder at the Republican National Convention, she was escorted by security through a hostile crowd. [Read More]
Commentary: The Siberian candidate Commentary: The Siberian candidate
5 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
If elected, would Donald Trump be Vladimir Putin’s man in the White House? This should be a ludicrous, outrageous question. After all, he must be a patriot — he even wears hats promising to make America great again. [Read More]
Commentary: Trump's strategy revealed Commentary: Trump's strategy revealed
CLEVELAND — Two topics getting a lot of attention here last week won’t matter much in the fall. One is the Republican platform; the other is Donald Trump’s choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. [Read More]
Commentary: Democracy at risk Commentary: Democracy at risk
5 weeks ago -
This is the way democracy dies — not in the streets of Turkey, not because of a coup but in its aftermath and in the halls of power. And our own nation is standing by, watching it happen. [Read More]
Commentary: The dark knight Commentary: The dark knight
5 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Welcome to a world without rules. (I want you to read this paragraph in your super-scary movie trailer voice.) Welcome to a world in which families are mowed down by illegal immigrants, in which cops die in the streets, in which Muslims rampage the innocents and threaten our very way of life. [Read More]
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