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Political letters deadline set Political letters deadline set
5 days ago -
Tuesday, Oct. 25, at 5 p.m. is the deadline to submit letters related to the Nov. 8 general election. [Read More]

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Commentary: Trickle-up economics Commentary: Trickle-up economics
5 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Only serious nerds like me eagerly await the annual Census Bureau reports on income, poverty and health insurance. But the just-released reports on 2015 justified the anticipation. [Read More]
Commentary: Political renewal in D.C. Commentary: Political renewal in D.C.
5 weeks ago - - KATHRYN LOPEZ
People think Washington is broken. They should meet Anna Eshoo and Jeff Fortenberry. [Read More]
Commentary: Syrian cease-fire doomed to fail Commentary: Syrian cease-fire doomed to fail
5 weeks ago - - DOYLE McMANUS
John Kerry’s new cease-fire in Syria, launched this week after negotiations with Russia, is an admirable effort to bring a measure of peace to a shattered land. But it’s almost certainly doomed to fail. [Read More]
Commentary: Russian payback? Commentary: Russian payback?
5 weeks ago -
Russia paid a stiff price for cheating its way to medals in past Olympics. With its state-sponsored doping program exposed, the country endured the humiliation of having more than 100 athletes banned from the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. [Read More]
Commentary: Lots of hits, errors - but no runs Commentary: Lots of hits, errors - but no runs
5 weeks ago - - MARTIN SCHRAM
Watch just one full day — virtually any day — of the warp-speed motion and commotion along our 2016 presidential campaign trail and you will surely find yourself thinking like the Old Professor himself, Casey Stengel. [Read More]
Commentary: Congenital liar Commentary: Congenital liar
5 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
In 1996, The New York Times columnist William Safire diagnosed Hillary Clinton’s real problem. He called her a “congenital liar.” [Read More]
Commentary: When crackpot vies for office Commentary: When crackpot vies for office
5 weeks ago - - NICHOLAS KRISTOF
One of the mental traps that we all fall into, journalists included, is to perceive politics through narratives. [Read More]
Commentary: Donald Trump's Putin crush Commentary: Donald Trump's Putin crush
5 weeks ago - - THOMAS FRIEDMAN
When it comes to rebutting Donald Trump’s observation that Vladimir Putin is a strong leader, it is hard to top the assessment of Russian-born Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion, which The Times’ Andrew Higgins quoted in his story from Moscow: “Vladimir Putin is a strong drink." [Read More]
Commentary: Some journalistic fumbles Commentary: Some journalistic fumbles
6 weeks ago - - JAY AMBROSE
An old joke about lawyers starts with someone saying divers found 500 of them on the bottom of the ocean. “It’s a start,” goes the reply. Now let’s turn to journalists. [Read More]
Commentary: Trump advantage in debates? Commentary: Trump advantage in debates?
6 weeks ago - - BYRON YORK
NBC’s “Commander in Chief Forum,” held last Wednesday night aboard the USS Intrepid in New York, was the closest thing to a debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton until the real thing on Sept. 26. [Read More]
Commentary: Thugs and kisses Commentary: Thugs and kisses
6 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
First of all, let’s get this straight: The Russian Federation of 2016 is not the Soviet Union of 1986. True, it covers most of the same territory and is run by some of the same thugs. But the Marxist ideology is gone, and so is the superpower status. [Read More]
Commentary: How much did 9/11 change us? Commentary: How much did 9/11 change us?
6 weeks ago - - DOYLE McMANUS
Fifteen years ago, in the first fearful days after Sept. 11, 2001, the verdict was almost universal: “This changes everything.” Only it didn’t. The American way of life hardly changed at all. [Read More]
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