The Indiana County YMCA and IUP’s Exercise Science program have collaborated to create a team competition event for all residents as part of the 2021 Indiana County Decathlon.

Students Tim Kleckner, Kori Keffer, Alysa Trudniak, Emily Leonard and Kendall Jones with adviser Dr. Leslie Stenger, of the IUP Exercise Science program, designed an obstacle course to assure that any team can participate with the necessary tools and supplies in their home.

Daniel Roan, wellness director at the YMCA of Indiana County, assisted with the creation of the course and is the contact for the event.

Teams can consist of two to five people, and each station requires two people to complete.

There are 10 stations, and each are focused on either a primary or secondary fitness component to provide a good work out.

The purpose of this event is to bring together the relationships of family and exercise.

While we in the community are still impacted by the pandemic, the purpose of this challenge is to create a sense of normalcy for a family as well as to see who has the fittest and fastest team in the community.

To enter the Fittest QuarenTeam Challenge, download the guidelines and instructions for the challenge at http://www.icopd.org/indiana-county-walkworks-program.html, on the Indiana County YMCA website and Indiana County Walking Decathlon Facebook Page.

Gather the items and set up for the obstacle course then take a video of your team completing the course.

Email your team’s video to danielroan@icymca.org the week of April 24 to 30 to be entered for a special prize.

Please include the names and ages of all competitors.

The team with the best time wins a Mack Park Family Pass. For more information, please call the YMCA at (724) 463-9622.