Uniontown-based PennDOT District 12 said Wednesday that the closure and detour for Orr Avenue scheduled to begin this week to coincide with cleanup of the Hotel Belvedere site has been postponed.

Earlier this month the Redevelopment Authority of Westmoreland County authorized the removal of what remains of the fire-ravaged hotel in Oklahoma, Westmoreland County, a one-time tourist attraction near Apollo, Armstrong County.

No new date was listed in the release issued by District 12 spokeswoman Valerie Petersen, but signs at the junctures of Orr Avenue with Route 66 and Hancock Avenue in Oklahoma indicate that the work will now start Sept. 30 instead.

According to the state Department of Environmental Protection, that would be as late as could be allowed in an asbestos notification form earlier this year, which stated that asbestos removal would occur between this week and Sept. 30.

Emergency money from the county’s demolition fund would be spent on the asbestos-laden ruins of the 114-year-old hotel destroyed by fire late on July 23. Firefighters from two counties battled the blaze, believed to be suspicious in nature, into the wee hours of July 24.