Road work ahead sign

PennDOT has scheduled the following maintenance and construction projects in Indiana County for next week:

• Tail ditching/draining: Climax Road, West Wheatfield Township

• Sign repair/replacement: Route 210, South Mahoning Township; Route 403, East Wheatfield and Buffington townships

• Pipe replacement: Route 580, Green Township; Route 2008, East and West Wheatfield townships

• Shoulder cutting: Route 286, Green Township; Route 403, Cherryhill Township; Tipperary Road, Green and Pine townships; Greenwich Road, Green Township; Grisemore Valley Road, Green Township

• Seal coating: Allen Bridge Road and Airport Road, Cherryhill Township; Rayne Church Road, Sleepy Hollow Road and Barr Slope Road, Rayne Township

• Patching: Route 217, Burrell Township; Route 259, West Wheatfield and Brush Valley townships; Route 286, Conemaugh, Young and Blacklick townships; Route 4006, Washington Township; Hudson Road, Rayne Township

• Bridge repair: Bonner Road, Banks Township

• Mowing: William Penn Highway, Burrell, West Wheatfield and East Wheatfield townships; Route 119 and Route 422, White Township

• Shoulder stabilization: Spaulding Road, Cherryhill Township