white township sign

The White Township Planning Commission made quick work of two final minor subdivisions Tuesday night.

Neither required adjustments for sewers.

Along Brown Road, one 21.88-acre lot will be subdivided off the Ray A. Edwards property.

Along Hood School Road, a 0.15-acre segment will be split off of Diana Lowmaster’s property, leaving 1.32 acres. That segment will be added to 1.34 acres belonging to Randy Lewis next door.

Commissioners Nancy Smith, Denny Roumm and Edward Kuckuck voted for the subdivisions. Commissioners George Lenz and Robert Begg were absent.

Also Tuesday, Assistant Township Manager Chris Anderson said there had been no new housing permits, though there have been multiple permits for accessory structures such as swimming pools.

Anderson said the township received a request for a permit for a sign outside Indiana Alliance Church.

Anderson also said the Indiana County Humane Society is preparing a request for a sign outside its animal shelter along Airport Road.