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Police warn of scam

by The Indiana Gazette on January 10, 2014 10:50 AM

State police reported an Indiana County resident was robbed of $7,000 by a scam artist who capitalized on the victim’s longtime trust and familiarity with a money transfer service — Western Union.

Investigators report that a telephone caller posing as the victim’s grandson claimed to be in legal trouble and in need of bail money. The victim wired the cash to the thief, who claimed the funds at a Western Union office using fraudulent identification or a money transfer control number that could not be traced, police said.

Troopers at Indiana have not released the name of the victim in the case.

Because of a trend of similar schemes, state police have cautioned area residents to be wary of calls seeking money through Western Union to assist people in distress. In some common scenarios, scammers have claimed to need cash after being taken hostage, involved in an accident, or being jailed and needing bail money.

“Never trust people who ask you to send money this way that you have never met, whether it be someone you’ve met on a public listing website or a phone call from someone (representing) a relative … or someone claming to give you money in return,” police warned.

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