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Sinkhole blamed on sewer collapse

on July 05, 2013 10:20 AM

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A Toledo spokeswoman says the collapse of brick sewers beneath a road caused the sinkhole that swallowed a moving car in the northwest Ohio city.

The 60-year-old driver said she was running errands and headed to her nearby home Wednesday when the pavement gave way and her car fell into a hole estimated to be at least 10 feet deep.

Pamela Knox told The Blade newspaper she feared she would die as water from a broken pipe poured into the back seat of her car. She was briefly trapped but climbed out using a ladder with help from a firefighter.

She was shaken and checked at a hospital but wasn’t seriously hurt.

Knox, an elementary school principal, said she’ll likely avoid the scene of the sinkhole for a while.

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