Police car lights 19

While police have yet to file charges or identify those involved in the disturbance, hundreds of social media users in the area have shared still images of a video recording of the assault, links to the online video and the names of the people involved.

Pittsburgh television station WTAE broadcast the video in a report that identified the victim as Cody Overdorff, 25, of Homer City, whose mother told the station that he has the developmental disorder Williams Syndrome.

Overdorff’s disability affects him intellectually, causes learning disabilities and “unique personality characteristics” and can result in cardiac problems, his sister, Cheyanna Overdorff, told the Gazette this morning. He works helping his father on the family farm.

“Physically he’s a little sore but is doing a lot better,” Cheyanna Overdorff said. “Emotionally, he’s really shaken up. He was taken off guard that people he thought were his friends would do this to him.”

The viral spread of the video recording of three men punching Overdorff prompted the president of the Marion Center Volunteer Fire Department, Gavin Misko, to publish a disclaimer on the department’s Facebook page.

One of the purported attackers, Corey Blystone, shows himself wearing a Marion Center fire company shirt in his Facebook profile but, according to Misko, was discharged from the department in 2018 for attending a company meeting while intoxicated.

On her Facebook page, Katie Black claimed responsibility for making the recording and posting it on social media.

Multiple Facebook users, among more than 800 who shared a still image of the video posted by Samantha Lute, offered identities of the people they also believe were involved in the assault.

In the state police account of the disturbance, some of the attackers set upon two of the others in the wake of the initial attack.

Troopers from Indiana listed five suspects in all including an 18-year-old Sagamore man and a 55-year-old Homer City woman, who both suffered minor injuries in a separate related incident; a 20-year-old man from White Township; a 19-year-old White Township man; and a 19-year-old woman from Homer City. They face charges including assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.

All but the 55-year-old Homer City woman took part in the assault on Overdorff, according to a report issued Friday by state police.