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PA State Police on Scene of accident on Nolo Hill 422 Pine Twp Stock News Photo

Members of state police Troop A, including those at Indiana, Ebensburg and Kiski Valley barracks, will participate in the “6-State Trooper Project” now through Saturday as law enforcement agents focus on Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law.

Spokesman Trooper Cliff Greenfield said the state police are adopting a “zero tolerance” enforcement approach for drivers who fail to adhere to the requirements of Title 75, Section 3327, which is entitled “Duty of Driver in Emergency Response Areas.”

This section, also known as the Move Over Law, requires that drivers approaching an emergency response area pass in a lane not adjacent to the emergency response area, if possible; or, if passing in a nonadjacent lane is impossible, illegal or unsafe, pass at a speed of no more than 20 mph less than the posted speed limit and reasonable for safely passing the emergency response area.

In turn, Pennsylvania State Police are collaborating with the Indiana State Police, Kentucky State Police, Michigan State Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol and West Virginia State Police with the goal of enhancing highway safety.

In an ongoing effort to prevent crashes and save lives, Greenfield said, troopers will also be watching for distracted, aggressive and intoxicated drivers and will be enforcing provisions in the Vehicle Code that deal with texting while driving, use of a handheld mobile telephone, bans on the use of hearing impairment devices and text-based communications, careless driving, reckless driving and the use of image display devices.

For more information, Greenfield suggested visiting the website.