UNITED: National Honor Society holds fund drives
November 30, 2012 11:00 AM

ARMAGH -- National Honor Society is an organization that is based on four pillars -- scholarship, leadership, character and service. Thus, it is only natural that members of NHS take a leadership role by organizing projects to benefit our community.

Recently, United High School's NHS oversaw two charitable activities. These events included the traditional Penny War and an impromptu Hurricane Sandy relief project.

The Penny War is a competition to raise money for the Teddy Bear Fund Drive, which benefits the children in the pediatric unit at Indiana Regional Medical Center. The Penny War works like this -- homerooms compete against each other to collect donations, but the donations must be in the form of pennies. If any silver (or money not in the form of pennies) is collected, a homeroom is penalized, so homerooms strategically "bomb" each other with silver in order to win the war.

The winning homerooms from the junior high and the senior high each receive a prize for being top penny raisers.

This year's senior high homeroom winner was Molly Flanagan's and Lori Gilbert's homeroom, and this year's junior high homeroom winner was Brian Manges' and Ben Saylor's homeroom.

The overall top fundraiser was Robert Penrose and Lorraine Allman's homeroom.

Because of these efforts, said senior NHS member Sabrina Butler, "The penny war this year raised over $1,200 for the Teddy Bear Fund Drive!"

The other charitable event that NHS organized was a collection for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Although this event was somewhat impromptu -- as senior NHS member Dylan Adams stated, "obviously, you can't plan a hurricane" -- members of NHS decided that they really needed to be involved in helping people recover from this natural disaster.

Thus, United students and staff donated clothes, hygiene materials, books and food for the people whose lives were disrupted by the hurricane.

When all was said and done, Jody Conrad, NHS adviser, said that "The National Honor Society collected two full SUVs worth of items to send to people."

Once again, United students stepped in when help was needed!

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