BLAIRSVILLE: Power team makes an impression on students
November 16, 2012 11:00 AM

BLAIRSVILLE -- Two weeks ago, two members from the world famous Power Team came to Blairsville Middle High School to deliver a message of human strength. The performance by husband and wife duo Matt "Timber" and Chrisy "Saber" Dopson included a display of various strength acts. Timber broke a wooden baseball bat and ripped a license plate in two; Saber blew up a hot water bottle and bent a steel rod in half. Afterwards, they spoke about drugs, alcohol, bullying and abstinence.

What motivates Matt, who has been on the team for 11 years, are the numbers of pregnancies and suicides. He said, "We want to see those numbers go down."

When it comes to bullying, Chrisy, who has been on the team for a little over a year, said, "Can't stand it. Ten years ago we didn't have this problem. My heart goes out to them. You're not going to be there your whole life. They have to know that they have human worth."

While the Power Team has visited Blairsville schools in the past, this event marked the local debut of the first female member of the team.

Chrisy said, "It's important to have women on the team. They are going out and working in fields that were mostly men before. It is important for me to be on the team because I love to talk, and I do what I have do to live up to a standard."

Sophomore Matthew Schroth said, "I think they drove the point home that you can do anything you set your mind to."

The Power Team presentation was a prelude to Red Ribbon and Anti-Bullying week. Each day had a different theme and facts were shared over the announcements. Themes included camouflage day, sock day, hat day, wear red day and spirit day.

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