APOLLO-RIDGE: Students donate candy
November 16, 2012 11:00 AM

SPRING CHURCH -- Here at Apollo-Ridge Elementary School, we are having the annual Operation Candy Drop. Operation Candy Drop, organized by physical education teacher Brandon Allison and first-grade teacher Jeneane Kehew.

Students are to donate a portion of their Halloween candy to soldiers overseas. Candy was collected and the classroom in each grade that collected the heaviest box of candy won a prize.

In kindergarten, Kim Spaniel's classroom was the winner. In first grade, Sharon Friday's class collected the heaviest box. Deb Romano's second-graders came out on top as did John Mazurek's third-graders. His class collected 44 pounds of candy. That was the most of any classroom in our school. Cindy Hine's won in fourth grade. In fifth grade, Kathy Flick's students won the prize.

After the candy was collected and weighed, the grand total was 531 pounds.

The prize for winning was a healthy snack party and a free day in gym class. Apollo-Ridge Elementary teachers are donating money to pay for postage to send the boxes overseas.

Operation Candy Drop is a wonderful way for us to give thanks to the soldiers for all of their hard work to protect our country.

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