HOMER-CENTER: FBLA students excel in competition
December 21, 2012 11:00 AM

HOMER CITY -- Homer's FBLA club has a good handful of students that did exceptionally well in their competitive events and will be advancing to test at the state level. For those who are unfamiliar with this club, FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America.

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It is a professional and nationwide student organization that is available in the majority of school districts. Luckily, the club is offered at Homer and has several aspects that the students achieve through participating.

The organization helps its members have a better understanding of business enterprise, it establishes future career goals, promotes leadership and sound financial management, and lets students experience the transition from school to work.

In addition, whether a member plans to pursue business or not, the club encourages scholarship and helps its members develop self-confidence and profound character.

This development of self-worth and character is a big reason why students enjoy being a part of the club; it goes deeper than the business ethics.

Homer-Center's FBLA has held meetings and successfully helped fundraise, and of course we recite the pledge and discuss upcoming events.

A big part of the club is the competitive testing that takes place in early winter and covers a vast variety of testing topics.

The best part about testing in FBLA is that you get to choose your competitive event to showcase your strengths. Whether one wants to compete in business math, computer design, business communications, a group event, or public speaking, FBLA has a test for just about any interest.

On Monday, Homer-Center students received their testing results with other school districts within the region. Depending on the test topic taken, a maximum of three people per topic advanced to the 2013 State Leadership Conference at Hershey Lodge and Convention Center from April 15-17.

Homer-Center's representatives placed in several different categories, finishing anywhere between first and third place.

Advancing are Justin Smyers, Megan Topeka, Michael Sweeney, Morgan Smith, Madison Smith, Rachel Worcester, Tory Dellafiora, Kayla Piper and Julia Buggey.

I am excited to attend the Hershey Conference with my fellow members because it's a different experience to live in a world of business and responsibility for a few days. Several of us were fortunate enough to attend this big conference last year.

I've seen that it is a great opportunity to expose yourself to something new and different; the whole concept of it is beneficial to becoming a well-rounded person as we all developed new social and professional skills.

The three-day conference is very different from anything I've ever attended, but I am glad that I attended last year and have yet another opportunity to go and compete with a larger group.

As we all anxiously await Christmas, Homer-Center ended the week in high holiday spirits as the seventh-grade class hosted its annual "Restaurant Days" with delicious foods that the whole school district enjoyed.

Today, Homer-Center's students are going head to head in a school pingpong tournament followed by Christmas entertainment put on by the school faculty.

Well, that concludes Homer-Center's news for this week and since there is not a column until the new year, here's wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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