UNITED: Two plan biking trip across U.S.
December 14, 2012 10:45 AM

ARMAGH -- While most students will be enjoying their time off this coming summer by swimming or sleeping in, United High School senior Isaac Grove and junior Calvin White will be traveling across America on pedal bikes to raise money for the American Heart Association.

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Grove and White will be biking across 10 states, from Oregon to Virginia, in a matter of about nine weeks. White, whose uncle undertook something similar in the '80s, decided to take part in this event back in the spring. At the beginning of this school year, White presented the idea to Grove.

Grove decided that with his busy future ahead, this was his golden opportunity to participate in such an event before being tied down to college in a few months. Grove's parents didn't take him seriously initially, but after noticing his persistent interest and dedication, they realized otherwise.

So far, these two students are biking alone, although they would be happy to include others who are dedicated to completing the event. They plan to leave Pennsylvania around the second week in June. They will be flying to Florence, Ore., with their bikes and the rest of their supplies. There they will bike a mile or so to the coast to begin their journey.

The pair wants to travel lightly, so they are only taking three sets of clothes, a few miscellaneous tools and bike parts, and a tent. They will be staying in either the tent or cheap motels, whichever is more convenient.

Grove and White will rack up some 4,242 miles during the nine weeks that they bike. Following the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, they will venture through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia, where they will finish in Yorktown.

The duo plans to bike every single day regardless of weather, and they hope to complete 70-80 miles per day. They must keep at this pace in order to get back in time for next school year as Grove will be attending the University of Pittsburgh for nursing next August. White will be starting his senior year at United and plans to use this event to complete his senior project.

Staying focused during the upcoming months is the pair's biggest challenge. Both Grove and White are lifting weights and following general fitness routines for the winter months in order to prepare for this trip. When the weather breaks after winter, the duo will start to train outside on their bikes both with and without loads.

Grove and White have already begun selling "Biking across America" T-shirts and bracelets in order to raise money for the American Heart Association. They estimate that they have already raised about $500 for this cause. The pair will continue to sell T-shirts and bracelets, and they hope to gain some support from some local businesses in the future.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact them via Facebook.com/BikeForHeartHealth.

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