BRENDA SHIRLEY: Facebookers craft gifts for kids with autism
December 27, 2012 10:45 AM

First, my passion is plastic canvas. I can make almost anything from canvas.

A few years ago I learned of an organization called Rockin' and Ridin' for autism. I made them several Christmas ornaments to give to the kids who have autism. I felt blessed knowing I could help out.

This year, the leader of the organization contacted me again just after Thanksgiving. I just didn't have the time to make ornaments this year.

Not wanting to tell her no, I asked for help from my friends who I met on Facebook and who also enjoy plastic canvas. I called three wonderful ladies up, not knowing if they would help or tell me to get lost. All three of these women agreed to help me make ornaments for this awesome organization that gives these out as gifts to kids at the hospital who suffer from autism.

These ladies didn't have to help, they could have told me no. I would have understood and worked hard to make as many as I could. Just the simple fact that they helped me made me feel blessed.

I don't know these women personally; I met them through Facebook. One lady even went so far as to spend her own money and mail me the ornaments she made. I did finally get to meet the other two women and told them just how much I appreciated everything they did, not only to help me but to give these kids something special from the heart.

I pooled all the ornaments together and mailed them off on Dec. 17. More than 100 ornaments were given out Christmas morning to wonderful kids who are so deserving. I feel so blessed to know that there are still people out there who have a heart.

These women know that the kids will love and cherish these ornaments, but they expected nothing in return, just knowing that they were able to help was blessing enough.

Brenda Shirley

Homer City

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