SALTSBURG: Students hone geography, Spanish-speaking skills
December 07, 2012 10:45 AM

SALTSBURG -- This year, Naysa Altmeyer's Spanish 1 class at Saltsburg Middle High School designed brochures on various Spanish speaking countries from around the world.

The project had a cross-curricular purpose to not only teach students the geography of these countries, but to also teach the Spanish words for physical geographical features such as: montana for mountain, rio for river and desierto for desert.

The Spanish-speaking countries the class focused on included Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia and Mexico. The front of the brochure displayed the country's flag and a welcoming phrase in Spanish such as "buenos dias," which in English means "good day."

The entire project had to be in Spanish, which students admitted to being challenging; however, it forced students to use Spanish words.

Additionally, each student's brochure needed to include three famous landmarks from their respective Spanish-speaking country and a map of the country.

The Spanish 1 class has also been writing letters in Spanish to "pen pals" from another local school and making acrostic poems using the Spanish word "Me gusta," which in English means "I like."

All three of these activities were part of Mrs. Altmeyer's desire to teach her students the Spanish language in a fun and creative way.

With more than 40 million Spanish-speaking people in America, learning Spanish opens up many job opportunities.

Muchas gracias, Mrs. Altmeyer!

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