Couple plans to open Thai restaurant locally
March 03, 2013 3:00 AM

They’ll be serving more than Thai food at Teerak, a Thai restaurant opening this month in Renaissance Circle next to the Ironwood Grill in White Township.

They’ll be serving Thai culture as well.

“We want to show the people around here what a Thai restaurant is like,” said Kanokon Smathers, the restaurant’s owner.

Teerak is a Thai endearment and Smathers and Tuna Angsripuang, who will be a server at the restaurant, said they want a welcoming, familial experience to characterize their restaurant.

“It’s like a warm family, very warm people,” Angsripuang said.

“Everyone who comes to my restaurant, everyone can call me Teerak,” said Smathers.

The restaurant will serve traditional Thai dishes, described by the women as sweet and sour or spicy (though the spice can be adjusted for individual tastes, they said). It said it will be open by the end of March at the latest.

Smathers and her husband, Mike Smathers, live in the Indiana area. She said they met through a mutual friend while she was living in the Netherlands. They married about five years ago, and she moved to Indiana with him.

She met Angsripuang while working at a Thai restaurant in Pittsburgh.

But for the past two years, she said she has been looking for an opportunity to open her own restaurant, and settled on Indiana.

Angsripuang said they’re providing something that is lacking in Indiana.

“If you want to go to try Thai food, you have to go to Pittsburgh,” she said.

But it’s personal for Smathers.

“I like the people here,” she said. “I want to show (the people here) about Thai food.”

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