February 27, 2013 3:00 PM

I don’t live in a place where I need to protect my car or home from the damage of snow or cold, but we have thousands of EC readers that do. Send your tips and suggestions to Mary@ EverydayCheap skate. com for using everyday items in the winter — or spring or summer! — and I’ll include them right here in this column.

WINTER WIND SHIELD PROTECTION: Use the same sunshield that you use to keep your car cool in the summer to protect your windshield from snow in the winter. Put the sunshield on the outside of your windshield, and use your wipers to hold it in place. Now you won’t have to worry about brushing snow and ice off your front windshield on a snowy day! — Rita, email

YOU CAN HAVE A V8: I make my own V8-type vegetable juice by putting a 48-ounce can of plain tomato juice in a pitcher and adding 1 teaspoon of Old Bay Seasoning. Stir thoroughly. — Beth, New York

SHAKE UP THE NUTS: I love Blue Diamond nuts, although I find that the salt sometimes overwhelms the nuts. To get rid of some of the salt, I rub five or six nuts between my clean hands for a few seconds. After doing this a few times, I get rid of a lot of the salt. I then add plain roasted or smokehouse nuts to the flavored nuts and shake the can to mix the nuts. — Bobbi, Texas

ICE TEA FREEZER-CLOSE: Heat 2 cups of water in the microwave and pour into a pint-size freezer container or freezer jar. Add enough tea bags to make either half a gallon or a gallon of tea. Let steep and remove the bags. Add sugar and/or lemon if desired, and mix well. Seal, label, and freeze. When you want iced tea, take the container from freezer, put the frozen tea concentrate in the pitcher, and add water. This method is especially good if you need to transport tea. Take it frozen, and add water on arrival — no messy spills. — Lydia, email

CRAYON ERASER: A used dryer sheet works beautifully for removing crayon from most flat surfaces. — Bob, Nevada

WRINKLE-FREE PLASTIC: When packing for a trip, place garbage bags or old dry cleaning bags between your clothes. Doing this prevents the clothing from getting wrinkled. If any wrinkles do appear, they will be minimal and can easily be removed by the steam from a shower. — Evelyn, Minnesota

FANCY TOOTHPICK HOLDER: I needed something to hold toothpicks, so I cleaned out a short votive candleholder. It is just the right size and looks good, too. — Tara, email

SNAPPY BOOKMARK: Metal-snap hair clips make great, inexpensive bookmarks. You can snap the point of the clip so it points directly to the place on the page where you stopped reading, and the clips hold onto the pages without ripping them. You can buy a sheet of them at the dollar store. — Raquel, Florida

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