CALVARY BAPTIST ACADEMY: Students celebrate Spirit Week with costumes, contests
March 01, 2013 10:40 AM

By PAIGE HEIPLE and DALE PEARCE, Gazette  Student News Reporters

CLYMER — On Feb. 15 and 19-22, the students at Calvary Baptist Academy participated in Spirit Week.

Each year the seniors pick a week in February as a break from the norm. When the students came to school each day, they were judged individually and for class participation. Individuals who won were awarded a coupon for a free slice of pizza. The class which won would be awarded a pizza party.

The first day of Spirit Week was Sports Day. The students came to school wearing jerseys and hats of their favorite team or favorite sport. The elementary winner was Shane Meckley, fifth grade, and the high school winner was Andy Chen, seventh grade.

Twin Day was the second day of Spirit Week. On this day the students came as twins, triplets, or quadruplets with other students or teachers. The winners from elementary were Brayden Mumau and Charlie Blake who are in K-4, and the high school winners were Joel Knupp, ninth grade, and teacher Carol Hayes.

The third day of Spirit Week was Superhero/Villain Day. The students could come as their favorite superhero or villain. Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and Catwoman made an appearance in both the elementary and high school. The winner for the elementary dressed as Ironman was Wyatt Ackerson, first grade, and the winner for high school as Catwoman was Hannah McConnell (10th grade). 

The fourth day was Crazy Hair and Hat Day. The students showed up with dyed hair, wigs and crazy hats.

The winner for elementary was Nathan Helman, K-5, and the winner for high school was Brittany Prugh, ninth grade. 

The last day of Spirit Week was Red-Out in support of our basketball teams. Every student was decked out in red shirts, pants, skirts, shoes and hats. Two students tied for first place in elementary: Miranda Pounds, third grade, and Collin Oaks, first grade. The winner for high school was Leonardo Jeong, 11th grade.

Judging each day made the seniors realize what a hard decision it would be to pick a class winner. The elementary ended up tying for the pizza party. K-4 through sixth grade will have a pizza party on March 15.

Spirit Week is definitely an enjoyable time for the Academy students.


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