WEST SHAMOKIN: Council raises money for TV
March 08, 2013 11:00 AM
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RURAL VALLEY — The senior high student council at West Shamokin High School is planning on making an improvement to their school.

The student council is going to purchase a big-screen television, which will be placed in the cafeteria. The television will show photos and videos of school events including prom, Snow Ball, band and chorus concerts, talent show, sporting events, student council events, semi-formal dances, club events, school plays, art shows, fundraising events, Volleyball Day, Veterans Day, Field Day and videos produced by the school’s TV/broadcasting class, as well as displaying announcements about future school events.

The student council feels that the TV will be very useful and effective for educating students about what is going on in their school and to promote future activities.

On Feb. 15, the student council held an elementary school Valentine’s Day dance. The dance was an overall success and raised a lot of money toward the TV fund. The dance DJs were Collin Adamson and Tanner Stewart. Games at the dance where organized by Jenny Yassem and Heather Priester. Decorations at the dance were done by Makayla Murray, Kyle McElwain and Jenna Cochran.

All supplies at the concession stand where donated by senior high student council members, making our cost very minimal. Concession stand workers were Anna Skamai, Nicole Hough, Victoria Lowery, Courtney Horner, Alyssa Bruno, Amanda Wensel and Nancy Jo Williams.

One of the best jobs was awarded to Ryan Myers, who was put on bathroom duty for the night and tried to keep kids from diving into the toilet for a nickel. The dance was also graced with the presence of the mascot Mr. Wolf (Kyle McElwain), who was selling bead necklaces. The fundraising event was just as much fun for the elementary school students as it was for the student council members. The television will hopefully be at the school by the end of this school year.

Scheduling for next year

That’s right, it’s that time of the year again — scheduling time. All students are asked to set up their schedules for the next year. Scheduling can be a drag to some; many of the students think it is boring because most classes are mandatory.

The important thing about scheduling is that it’s based on your own likes and dislikes. Some find it stupid to have some mandatory classes. Well yes, and although some classes are not optional, there are many that are optional.

During the year students do not realize the possibilities for a career in life, the various options for their future. Scheduling helps you find your direction.

When you speak to the guidance counselor they will ask you about your career options. Now, think about what classes you do your best in, and what your favorite class is.

No student wants to admit the fact that they might actually like a class in school, or more so love it. Finding what you are good at and what you enjoy are very important things for you to know; that’s where scheduling comes in.

While the guidance counselor may give you a basic generalized guide to your entire English class during one 40-minute period, Tammie Bash-Wilson and Fran Rucinski will meet up with you individually to figure out your options.

It is important if you like a class — even if you do not know what you are going to be when you grow up — mention to one of these guidance counselors what classes you are great in, and what classes you can barely stand. Just with that information many more options can be found that suit you best.

Scheduling time is not just another time when you approach the next year, it’s a time where you find yourself.

It may not be easy, but taking the time to consider what you do like and what you don’t like will come in handy.

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