LuANN IRELAND: Proud to have right to carry firearm
March 10, 2013 1:30 AM

I am writing this letter after reading article after article about gun control.

In response to Stephanie Porter’s letter “Paranoia on the question of gun control”: I support the NRA and I am not in a trance. It is my decision and my right to own guns.

I was raised around guns. My brothers and I were taught at a young age how to handle, load and shoot them safely.

My dad started us hunting at 12 years old. Never once did we take a gun to school or anywhere else. I have passed gun safety on to my two daughters and two granddaughters. They are not walking around in a trance.

In reference to the letter from Emile R. Zola:

His letter states that bad upbringing, no discipline and poor family structure are a lot of the problem. I agree 100 percent. Where are the parents or guardians when children, troubled teens, even adults get their hands on guns?

Guns in the hands of good people do not kill. I have a permit to carry a firearm, and I’m proud to have that right to protect myself and my family.

Ms. Porter’s article stated owning guns is a privilege, not a right, just like owning an automobile is not a right.

An automobile is an object, and, put in the wrong hands — like drunk drivers, people talking or texting on phones — automobiles kill people every day. Do we take away automobiles?

People are beaten and stabbed to death every day. Do we take away all the ball bats, hammers, knives, etc.?

Guns do not kill people, bad people kill people, in lots of ways.

This is supposed to be a free country. Let them take one right away, what’s next?

In conclusion, I have the right to bear arms and I will fight to keep them. I will also continue to support the NRA.

For those of you who have different opinions, good luck!

LuAnn Ireland


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