DON RAMSELL JR.: Blame board, not teachers, for high H-C taxes
March 14, 2013 10:50 AM

To follow up on Nancy George’s March 3 letter regarding the taxes in the Homer-Center School District:

Some very good points were made, and it’s ridiculous to think that anyone in the district should have to consider selling their home because they can’t afford to live in the area.

First of all, the teachers aren’t the ones to blame. It’s 100 percent the Homer-Center school board’s inability or incompetence to manage their budget.

They have shown us that they are unwilling to make the tough decisions and instead find it easier to spend other people’s money (the taxpayer).

I moved to the district six years ago (a big mistake) and here are the results: My taxes have increased 37 percent, or $850.

To the H-C school board: You have failed the people you are supposed to represent.

Why not finally do something good for the community and offer your resignations effective immediately?


Don Ramsell Jr.

Homer City

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