New Florence Boy Scouts visit Lincoln Caverns
March 14, 2013 10:50 AM

The members of New Florence Boy Scout Troop 9 visited Lincoln Caverns, Huntingdon, Jan. 25-27, joining boys from Pennsylvania and surrounding states to participate in the Boy Scout Merit Badge Camporee Event.

During the two-day program, Scouts participated in workshops specially designed to complete both the Geology and Mammal Study Merit Badge requirements.

For the Geology Merit Badge, they learned about rocks and minerals and performed identification tests. The earth history workshop gave the boys an opportunity to explore the geologic time scale and learn about fossils from different time periods. After discovering how fossils formed, the Scouts put together fossil collections and searched for fossils to take home.

The maps and mineral resources workshop gave the boys an opportunity to study various types of maps and to get a firsthand look at the relationship between limestone, mountains, caves and sinkholes.

In the Mammal Study Merit Badge, the boys learned about the characteristics of invertebrates, vertebrates and mammals.

Each Scout group researched one bat from their state to share with the entire group, and they learned about how different bat species have special adaptations according to the food they eat. The boys also participated in building bat houses to take home and put up in their community as a service project.

Lincoln Caverns’ slide presentation, “An Introduction to Speleology, The Study of Caves,” was followed by a flashlight tour of Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks. Troop 9’s trip was organized by Craig McConnell.

Lincoln Caverns’ badge programs are now in their 24th year and include programs for Webelos, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, as well as for older Girl Scouts, Junior Girl Scouts, Brownies and other youth groups of all ages. Indoor lodging and primitive camping options for Scouts are also available.

Programs are conducted year-round in the indoor learning center.

Leaders who would like more information about the badge programs and Lincoln Caverns’ other educational offerings are invited to call (814) 643-0268; write to Lincoln Caverns Inc., 7703 William Penn Highway, Huntingdon, PA 16652; or visit their website at

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