VERA MOCK: Use God's plan, not Obama's
March 21, 2013 10:40 AM

As it is now a new year, it will be difficult to plan for an uncertain future, and our lives will require a carload of patience.

When trials and testing come, it may seem God has forgotten us, but that is not so. It is the people who have forgotten God, who is powerful when people respond to his way of living.

The past four years President Obama has taken our country and its people in the wrong direction, with wrong changes and decisions that failed to put America back on track. Yet, he was re-elected for four more years of the same old, same old.

We are on a pilgrim road that will be rough, steep and uphill to the very end. We must return to God and appeal for forgiveness and compassion.

In many ways God is trying to get the attention of people to see where America is heading. It was wrong to accept Obama’s plan of lies when the plan of God has never failed and would have sent us in a new direction if allowed to enter our lives.

President Obama has been a one-man administration who makes demands of what he wants, and, legal or not, he gets it. Where has Congress been? Where is their backbone, and why have they not held him accountable for his abuse of power?

The Founding Fathers fought and died for what we are about to lose. God never broke a promise. President Obama failed to keep one of many. Who should have our trust? God holds the answers, because he is the answer.

Vera Mock


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