FOOD PAGE: Low-calorie suggestions
March 25, 2013 10:50 AM

Question: While I’m trying to lose weight, I would like to know which foods are low in calories. Can you help?

Answer: Sure. Here are some foods that have just (approximately) 100 calories:

Whole-grain penne (dry) — 34 pieces

Baked potato — one small (1-ᄒ inches to 2-ᄑ inches in diameter)

Broccoli spears — Nine

Shrimp (steamed or boiled) — 13 large

Dry-roasted cashew halves —15 pieces

Celery — 16 ribs

Sun-dried tomatoes — 20

Pretzels — 21 unsalted minis

Baby carrots — 28

Seedless grapes — 33

— Food Network Kitchens

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