MARCY LAPINSKY: Our fellow beings (both human and animal)
March 27, 2013 10:40 AM

We wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in. Well, let’s consider the article appearing in The Indiana Gazette on March 18, “Animal advocates decry bills.”

The article stated that some are trying to get bills passed making it very difficult, if not impossible, for animal advocates to observe and document animal abuse in slaughterhouses/ farms.

We are not talking about “minor” abuses here (they mentioned veal calves being skinned alive!), we are talking horrendous cruelty that the facilities don’t want seen.

This is all in the name of greed: the greed of the facilities that don’t want to hire, train and monitor decent employees or take the time and effort to make sure these animals don’t suffer any more than they have to during an already terrible process, because it would cost them money/profit to do so.

All of this is done so quickly and cheaply to get that meat out there to the already overfed bellies of the greedy consumer who will then run to the doctor, complaining about being grossly overweight, having heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

The suffering of any living thing should be enough to make someone sit up and act, but it isn’t.

Many in this country are spoiled, having a sense of entitlement, caring only for what affects them individually.

This attitude extends beyond the slaughterhouse. This self-centered, callous greed extends into politics, business and relationships of every kind.

Until people start caring about their fellow beings — human and animal alike — more than they care about money, and at least as much as they care for themselves, this country and our way of life will continue to spiral down.

It is sad enough that people want to kill something just to taste its flesh, but when the animal is tortured on the way to the plate, the failure to care and act says a lot about the people eating it and those who want to pass bills preventing those who want to help these innocent creatures from doing so.

We have turned into a cruel, selfish, greedy society and we are only just beginning to pay the price.

Marcy Lapinsky


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