SUSAN HELM: Board shouldn't let petition sway decision
March 31, 2013 3:00 AM

“Lives ruined, futures ruined, futures jeopardized, unfair, too harsh of a punishment ...”

These are words of support I have recently read from petitions signed by those who support the seven Indiana Area students accused of underage drinking at a school-related event.

I have to wonder if a petition would even exist if lesser-known students had been accused. After all, nobody seemed to care about the policy regarding discipline until now.

Every statement I read followed the same theme by placing the blame on the school board instead of where it belongs — with the students for making a bad choice. Yes, teenagers, along with many adults, sometimes make bad choices in life. But whatever happened to taking responsibility for one’s own actions?

The punishment that may be imposed is not the issue. The choice they are accused of making is the issue, and the only way to learn a valuable lesson is by accepting responsibility for one’s own actions and paying the consequences.

Otherwise, you end up with a generation who feels they are entitled to manipulating every situation they find themselves in.

I hope that the school board is not swayed by the petition. If need be, they can certainly rewrite the policy for the next school year. Personally, I do not feel this will ruin any of their lives. While scholarships may be affected, etc., this is certainly not the end of the world. Let this be a lesson learned so they may grow from it.

Susan Helm

Harrisburg, N.C.

An Indiana native

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