April 03, 2013 10:50 AM

Teens, did you know volunteer service can transfer to work experience and looks great on your college application? Volunteering is fun because you get to decide to work in a field that interests you.

Interested in environmental work?

Minimum age: 16.

Contact Janine Maust at (724) 349-4565.

Thinking about becoming a veterinarian?

Minimum age: 18.

Contact Lisa Wier at (724) 465-7387.

Minimum age: 18, younger with parental supervision. Call (724) 349-1144.

Do museums interest you?

Minimum age: 12. Call (724) 463-9600.

Is the education field your passion? There are several places to get experience.

Minimum age: 18.

Contact Jim McQuown at (724) 349-4500.

Minimum age: 16.

Contact Donnalee Fleming at (724) 459-4464.

Minimum age: 16.

Contact John Swanson at (724) 465-8841.

Thinking your field is medical or social work?

Minimum age: 13. Call (724) 465-3900.

Minimum age: 16

Call (724) 465-2530.

Minimum age: 16, younger with parental supervision. (18 for instructors).

Contact Diane Holby at (724) 465-5678.

Minimum age: 16

Contact Mary Edith Cicola at (724) 463-8711.

Busy with school and extra-curricular activities? You can still volunteer.

Special Event volunteers are needed for:

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