ANGELA DONGIOVANNI: Justice for all includes same-sex couples
April 14, 2013 1:30 AM

Personal freedoms — the pursuit of certain unalienable rights that have been granted to every American citizen by the Declaration of Independence and by equal protection guarantees that extend to our U.S. Constitution. These freedoms are notions on which our great country was founded and built upon. Over the course of our nation’s history, many have fought to keep their personal freedoms free and their rights equal and just for all citizens. After all, isn’t justice blind?

First and foremost, equal rights for same-sex marriages have absolutely nothing to do with religion. The perception that everyone must be a Christian simply because our Founding Fathers were is wide off the mark. As I recall, one of the personal freedoms we enjoy in this county is the freedom of religion. That means that we must accept and honor all religions, not just those who practice “Judeo-Christian” values.

But, as I said, this is not about religion. It’s about legal equality. There are many benefits that married couples enjoy: property, tax, retirement and estate benefits are just some to consider.

Withholding such benefits from a couple only because they are not allowed to marry is prejudicial and unfair; in other words, it’s discrimination.

Secondly, it is about marriage and not holy matrimony. There is a difference. Marriage is a civil state and to disallow it because of gender is a violation of civil rights. It has no impact upon the state of holy matrimony.

Equality is fundamental to the freedom that our country ensures. So, to be a patriotic American, we are obliged to provide that equality to all. We must not constrict our viewpoint to the level of denying such equality.

Most importantly, we cannot expect everyone to subscribe to our own individual beliefs; it is in the diversity of our beliefs and our given right to express those beliefs that makes this country a great one.

Angela DonGiovanni


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