PAT LEACH: Common Core like buying a pig in a poke
April 24, 2013 10:49 AM

In Pennsylvania, if you buy something without seeing it, we call it “buying a pig in a poke.” On March 14 the state Board of Education, with Gov. Corbett’s support, voted to put into place Common Core Standards in English and math, the first step to a “pig in a poke.” It sets into motion nationally mandated common course standards for all K-12 students so that education will be standardized across the country.

Whoa! So where does this leave parents, local educators and school boards’ ability to modify content standards to suit local needs?

Strangely enough, the state board of education, in its plan to adopt the standards, failed to inform most of our legislators. And, approval was completed with no well-publicized public hearings.

A group of concerned citizens, Pennsylvanians Against Common Core, have united to oppose the new national control of local school districts. They have launched a website, nopa, with a planned effort to convince Gov. Corbett and the Legislature to roll back the commonwealth’s plan to adopt the national Common Core Standards.

According to the website, here is why Common Core is wrong for Pennsylvania:

1) National control of standards (not state).

2) $645 million required to implement in Pennsylvania.

3) Common Core math standards will put Pennsylvania’s students two years behind their peers in high-performing countries.

4) Parents and school boards will have no recourse to influence content and standards.

5) It undermines the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment authority of states over education.

Check out the website yourself with videos and fact sheets and then ask yourself: Why have 45 states quietly accepted the standards only to face opposition once they have been adopted? Who really developed these standards?

If you agree that parents and local educators need a say in the education of children, then sign the petition at the website and call the governor at (717) 787-2500 to oppose it.

According to information released from the Obama administration, adoption of these standards will result in “The New Generation Schools where testing and technology are most important in creating ‘human capital’ (students) of the future for an international global workforce.” Remember that it was Hitler who believed that “those who control the education of children control the future.”

Pat Leach

Marion Center

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