Water drops
April 20, 2013 10:59 AM
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It’s not every day an Indiana County resident has a photograph hung on the walls of the Carnegie Museum of Art — even if it’s a small photograph.

Darlene Palmer’s waterdrop photo is displayed with a number of others in the museum’s Oh Snap! project gallery, a project that invites photographers to send in pictures evocative of a particular main piece.

“I was so excited about it,” said Palmer, of Washington Township. “Even though it’s small, it’s still hanging there.”

Palmer does what she calls waterdrop photography, where she sets up her lighting equipment and a bag of water dripping into a tray, then takes close-up pictures of the resulting splashes.

She submitted a photo of a drop that splashed to look very much like a tiny foot to the collection based around a 1934 picture by Harold “Doc” Edgerton of Ohio State All-American Wes Fesler’s foot just as he kicked a football. After her picture was accepted, it was hung with a number of other photos that in some way connected to the original photograph.

“It was so exciting. I think just the idea of having something go of mine in a place that’s so well-known was just awesome,” Palmer said.

Her photographs are currently displayed in The Artists Hand in Indiana and All Dandy Art Gallery in Smicksburg, she said.

The Oh Snap! project remains open for submissions through Monday. The gallery closes May 12.

— Heather Roth

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