Overreach on guns
April 28, 2013 3:30 AM

Washington might have a gun control bill now were it not for President Barack Obama’s overreach. The Great Divider has again lived up to the moniker by refusing to embrace a compromise position and refusing to embrace compromise in general.

After all, compromise is in the realm of governing. Obama stays in the realm of politics, the perpetual campaigner who will try to win back the U.S. House by demonizing the gun lobby and Republicans. ...

Obama and pro-gun control Democrats had opportunities to reach a compromise. ... The Democrats weren’t interested. Other Democrats joined Republicans in refusing to embrace the overreach, which was predicated on the belief that Newtown justified any means to an end.

Was the gun lobby dishonest about the bill restricting weapons transfers to relatives? You bet. Were any mistruths the reason for its defeat? No way. Americans want sensible, fair and constitutional gun restrictions debated with reason and restraint. Obama consistently refuses to back legislation that has a chance to win bipartisan support before a vote is taken. Sometimes he gets his way, as with Obamacare. Often he doesn’t, but The Great Divider still notches a victory in defeat because it becomes part of his campaign strategy going forward.

We’re still waiting for him to have a governing strategy. It’s pretty shameful that he seems less interested in running the country than in running a campaign.

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