McCLELLAN BLAIR: We are not a democracy
May 01, 2013 10:20 AM

Mr. Dembosky says objectors to the left’s programs should kowtow because elections and polls support that position. He is wrong. We are an intentionally created constitutional republic because the Founders knew that in a democracy tyranny of the majority is a real and present threat.

The example used by Benjamin Franklin was that of two wolves and a sheep voting on which was to be lunch. The modern equivalent is that of the 99 percent voting on whether the 1 percent is going to pay for the lunch.

In a constitutional republic, we are governed by the Constitution and laws that implement it. The three branches and the public were each designed to prevent the tyranny of any, and that includes the public.

Dembosky is correct that the Republicans don’t give a hoot what the majority (and I would remind him that the majority is slim within the population, and not in his favor in the House) want. The Senate majority is hell-bent on promulgating their agenda of taxing the minority to buy votes from a majority. It may win elections, but it does not change the Constitution.

Senate Democrats flout the law that requires them to pass an annual budget — and have done so since 2008. The Republican minority objects on principle and on law, and they use the lawful tools at their disposal, one of which is filibuster. The Republican House passes bills that support conservative views. The Senate stonewalls the bills, not even debating them. This is disrespectful of the House, and even more infuriating to Republicans than mere filibuster is to Democrats.

Dembosky blames conservatives for congressional impasse. He is wrong again. Impasse only occurs when neither side yields, and the left has not only demonstrated its unwillingness to compromise, but its disregard for its legal responsibility.

To what conservatives consider Republican shame they compromised principle on increased taxation to avoid the fiscal cliff in January. The Democrats yielded nothing. The sequester came, and still Democrats yielded nothing, while demonizing Republicans and punishing the public by deliberately sabotaging prominent services to elicit support for more spending. Callously, the President directed the operation while hypocritically spending gazillions on golfing with Tiger Woods and spendthrift programs, while keeping aloof from the congressional impasse in a pusillanimous attempt to evade responsibility.

His recent “charm offensive” is nothing but image damage-control, photo-ops and absenteeism.

McClellan Blair


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